The Studio


who we are

The Sophie Tyrrell Studio operates out of Artwork Atelier, a growing hub of creative professionals in Manchester city centre. 

Our studio leverages and builds upon the techniques of the costume and theatre designers who came before us to create spectacular outfits, moving structures and creatures.


how we create

We shape bamboo and willow into frameworks and then build upon them by adding papier-mâché, fabrics and other materials. By using this process we can create almost any texture or shape.

We craft using traditional materials and minimise the use of plastics or foam. Audiences respond well to handmade aesthetics. The irregularities and inconsistencies of natural materials add credibility and character to what we create. 

By layering paint and unusual embellishments on hand-sewn and hand-dyed costumes we can create variation and textures that give our characters visible history and striking appearances as they perform alongside our larger creations.


our process

The Studio is where ideas are turned into concepts, and then from concepts into enchanting physical creations for the public to enjoy. 

Our characters invite onlookers to experience their world. We blur the line between spectator and participant.

Our goal is to engage and delight. We create memorable experiences for the enjoyment of communities.

No detail is too small, and all features contribute to the grand visions that guide the design process.


our characters

Our characters are infused with specific qualities that help us influence their creation.

We attribute specific qualities like theatrical nihilism or witty cynicism, which adds realism and depth. 

Deciding the way our characters look and act enables us to have a great level of control over how our performances are received and experienced by the public. 


our team

Our projects are collaborative in nature.

We make use of history and culture, of the collective imagination of communities, and the technical expertise of professionals that guide our wilder ambitions.

Together we bring ideas to life. 

If we can imagine it, we can build it.